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How to Make a Collage in Photoshop

A photoshop collage of various market images and the text

This text is a step-by-step information on how to make a collage in Photoshop. You’ll study to select and organize pictures so they appear nice collectively.

Most magazines use this system. It’s because a choice of photographs could make the story extra clear to the viewer.

A photoshop collage of various market images and the text 'muang mai markets 2018'

Do I Have to Use Photoshop?

No. There are numerous different packages and apps you should use. To most clearly present how to make a photograph collage I’ve chosen Photoshop as a result of it’s generally used.

Photoshop additionally provides you loads of freedom to categorical your artistic images concepts. Different packages and apps present restricted flexibility.

However don’t really feel you want to make a collage in Photoshop if in case you have different software program that may do the steps in this text.

Market vendors relaxing near their food stalls

© Kevin Landwer-Johan

Decide up your favorite journal for inspiration. You will see fascinating photograph collage layouts in many good magazines.

Take a look at how the photographs are positioned. What sort of pictures seem most frequently. Whether or not they embrace textual content or borders.

These are all questions that may show you how to outline your Photoshop collage’s type.

Red samlor on the road in Thailand - how to make a collage in Photoshop

© Kevin Landwer-Johan

Making Your Photoshop Collage – Step by Step

Step 1: Choose Your Photographs

After you have chosen the theme of your photograph collage you want to choose the photographs you’ll embrace in it.

Most frequently, until you need to create a very giant collage, 5 to seven pictures can be sufficient.

Your purpose is to inform a story together with your photographs that you would not inform with simply a single picture. Too few pictures won’t convey sufficient feeling.

Cramming too many photographs into your collage will make it complicated. Cautious selection of which photographs to use is the important thing to creating a harmonious, expressive collage.

Embrace large, medium and shut up photographs. This mix offers a viewer with numerous views of your chosen topic.

Together with broad, medium and shut up photographs in your collage will give it visible depth.

This isn’t a onerous and quick rule . Some topics work nicely in a photograph collage with solely shut ups, like a collage of flower shut ups.

Flat lay food photography shot

© Kevin Landwer-Johan

As an example this text I’ve chosen a collection of pictures from the Muang Mai market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I had 24 pictures in my folder and narrowed my selection down to 13 after which the ultimate six. These embrace large, medium and shut up pictures and a few vertical and horizontal pictures.

Once you select your photographs search for pictures with comparable colors and shapes in them. These widespread parts will assist give your photograph collage extra cohesion.

At this stage you wouldn’t have to select your ultimate photographs. Having eight or ten or extra will provide you with some flexibility if you start your format. Don’t choose too many although as this could inhibit your progress.

Close Up of Initial Selection of photos in LR

Step 2: Resize Your Chosen Pictures

Now you want to resize your pictures. Utilizing them at full decision is just not essential and can probably sluggish your pc down.

Take into consideration how you’ll show your completed photograph collage. In case you are going to print it to grasp on a wall or put in an album, your pictures will want to giant information.

In case you are going to solely share your collage on social media, you can also make your information smaller.

For print, set the decision to 300 ppi. To be used solely on a monitor, set the decision to 72 ppi.

Determine the size you need to print your collage and calculate the dimensions for the pictures. Then make them 30% bigger.

Making them greater than you want will provide you with some flexibility to resize them later for those who want to.

I’ve sized my photographs to be 700 pixels on the lengthy aspect, which is 247 mm at 72 ppi.

Screenshot of how to make a collage in Photoshop

Step three: Create a New Doc in Photoshop

Open the New Doc panel in Photoshop and select a preset or make a customized doc. You do not want to be completely exact as you’ll be able to all the time crop it or add your canvas measurement later.

Crucial factor is to make your new doc the fitting decision. The decision of your new doc have to be the identical as you used when resizing your photographs in Step 2.

I’ve chosen to make my collage a horizontal A4 measurement at 72 ppi. It is going to be appropriate to be used on a web site.

Screenshot of creating a new document in Photoshop before making a Photoshop collage

Step four: Add Your Pictures to Your New Doc

There are lots of methods you possibly can add pictures to your doc. I discover one of the best technique is to open the folder they’re in and drag and drop them onto your doc canvas.

This manner they’re added as Photoshop Sensible Objects.

Resizing a sensible object is nondestructive, this is among the benefits of utilizing them in your collage. You may also skew, rotate, warp or apply any rework non-destructively to a sensible object.

This implies you have got nice flexibility to place, scale and warp the pictures in your collage with out them dropping high quality.

Sensible objects want to be rasterized earlier than you possibly can carry out any pixel modifying on them.

If you need to clone one thing out, dodge, burn or manipulate pixels in any method you want to proper click on on the layer and select Rasterize Layer.

It’s greatest to have already accomplished modifying on the photographs you’re utilizing earlier than you resize and import them.

In case you discover you want to, wait till you’ve gotten positioned, scaled and rotated all of your photographs in Step 6.

To make it simpler to see the pictures you’re putting, cover those you haven’t but put into place.

Flip every layer on as you come to add it to your format.

Screenshot of how to make a collage in Photoshop

Step 5: Place Your Photographs on Your Photoshop Collage Canvas

Together with your Transfer software chosen, click on and drag the photographs into place. You could want to experiment with this to get it wanting the best way you need it.

Overlapping pictures may be rearranged simply in order that they stack the best way you need them to.

When you will have one photograph underneath one other and also you need to see it on prime, easy click on on its layer in the Layers Panel and drag the layer upwards.

Place it greater in the order than the photograph that was overlapping it.

Arranging and positioning your pictures might be time consuming. To experiment with totally different layouts make a new group together with your pictures in the Layers Panel.

To do that click on the Create New Group icon on the backside of the Layers Panel. Identify your group. Choose all of the layers together with your pictures and drag them into the folder you created.

Now you possibly can duplicate the folder, which can duplicate all of the layers. Proper click on on the group icon and choose Duplicate Group. Collapse one of many teams and conceal it from view then begin repositioning your photographs once more.

You’ll be able to duplicate a group as many occasions as you need. Collapsing them and hiding them from view makes the brand new group simpler to work with.

Tweak positions and sizes of every photograph till you’re proud of the best way all of them look collectively.

Screenshot of how to make a collage in Photoshop

Step 6: Wonderful Tune Every Photograph

You could not need to individually tweak every photograph or modify the color, tone or different properties of your entire collage.

Regulate particular person photographs utilizing the Picture>Changes after which select the menu merchandise. It will permit you to high-quality tune every picture so the colors, tone distinction and so forth. stability the best way you need them too.

It’s your decision to emphasise a specific color in every photograph or modify brightness ranges so all of the pictures stability properly. That is the place you possibly can let unfastened together with your artistic type.

To make general changes to all of your pictures at one time, create a new adjustment layer.

Click on on the New Fill and Adjustment Layer icon on the backside of your Layers panel and choose what you need to manipulate.

You’ll be able to alter the entire feel and appear of your collage right here. Watch out, time can disappear shortly whenever you get engrossed in making these modifications and realise the potential you might have.

For one model of my collage I’ve determined to desaturate all the pictures by about 60%.

I then made some changes to the inexperienced, blue and yellow channels to add a few of the color again in.

Screenshot of making a Photoshop collage

For the opposite model of my Photoshop collage I’ve labored on every photograph individually. First I went by way of and made changes to the saturation of the pictures across the edges.

I then additionally modified the brightness and distinction ranges on every of them. With the central photograph I elevated the saturation in a number of the color channels.

Screenshot of how to make a collage in Photoshop

Step 7: Add Textual content to Your Photograph Collage

Give it a title or add a comment, very similar to you will notice in a journal. Choose the Textual content software. Click on and drag in your collage the place you need the textual content to be positioned.

Select your most popular font and an applicable font measurement.

You may select not to add any textual content and let your photographs stand alone to inform their story.

Screenshot of how to make a collage in Photoshop

Step eight: Regulate the Background Color

This set, like step 7, is elective. Chances are you’ll be proud of the best way your montage is taking a look at this stage. Nevertheless, you may like to experiment and nice tune your photograph collage a little extra.

Click on on the background layer and check out altering the color or including a gradient. The background ought to help, not overpower, your pictures.

Decide a color that’s outstanding in your photograph collage, or one which’s a spotlight, and make this your new background color.

I experimented with a few color choices earlier than selecting the color of the cauliflower leaf for my background.

I then modified the color of my textual content to the identical because the yellow plate in the photograph of the chillies and fish.

A screenshot of the completed Photoshop collage

© Kevin Landwer-Johan

Step 9: Add Borders to Your Pictures

An choice you may like to attempt is including borders to your pictures. This could make them appear to be previous type printed pictures have been laid out on a web page.

Choose considered one of your pictures. From the fx icon on the backside of your Layers Panel, choose Stroke.

Within the Layer Fashion window that opens regulate the dimensions, place, opacity and color.

For this model of my Photoshop collage I’ve made my borders white and 25 pixels large at 100% opacity. They’re positioned on the surface of the photograph edge.

You possibly can add a border to every photograph individually if you’d like to make them distinctive to every photograph. If you need all of them the identical, proper click on on the layer you could have added the stroke to and click on Copy Layer Fashion.

Now choose all the opposite photograph layers, proper click on and choose Paste Layer Type. The stroke you created on the primary layer shall be added to every of your pictures.

Screenshot of how to make a collage in Photoshop

What Else Can You Attempt to Enhance Your Collage

You’ll be able to endlessly experiment with putting a number of pictures on a clean canvas and arranging them.

Different belongings you may like to attempt are:

  • Resizing the canvas longer or taller;
  • Including extra pictures;
  • Including a color layer over your collage;
  • Duplicate the Layer Group and experiment with Mix Modes;
  • Add a vignette.

On this model of my Photoshop collage I duplicated the group twice. Set the center layer mix mode to Overlay and the highest one to Display.

For the decrease layer I left the mix mode set to Regular. I then barely lowered the opacity of the Display layer.

And lastly, I added a vignette.

A screenshot of the completed Photoshop collage

© Kevin Landwer-Johan

There you go. Now you understand how to make a collage in Photoshop in 9 straightforward steps.

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