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How to Easily Understand Your Camera Autofocus Modes

A blurry photo of a purple flower

Trendy DSLR cameras have a staggering quantity of autofocus modes for you to select from. How do you sift by means of them? When do you select single over steady?

No concept what that even means?

That is the article for you. We’ll make your digital camera’s autofocus modes easy and straightforward to perceive. You’ll study when and the way to use them for the most effective images outcomes.

So learn on to perceive extra about autofocus.

Why Hassle With Autofocus Mode Over Guide Mode?

Focusing is selecting the a part of your photograph that will probably be sharp and properly outlined. Our brains often favor sharp over blurry. A nicely outlined topic attracts consideration, and is crucial a part of the composition.

Mastering autofocus mode will permit you to higher convey the message of your picture. It is going to additionally prevent from deleting plenty of blurry pictures!

A blurry photo of a purple flower

A sharp photo of a purple flower shot using correct focus - autofocus mode

Should you examine this photograph with the one above you clearly see the significance of utilizing right focus, which photograph do you want taking a look at higher?

Focusing manually provides you extra management however it’s an acquired talent. There’s a steep studying curve. Principally you focus by turning the ring in your lens (in DSLR cameras) till you see in focus the a part of the photograph.

It provides you extra freedom for inventive results, or to take pictures in troublesome conditions, like low mild circumstances. However fighting guide focus initially may cause you to miss key moments.

That is the place autofocus is available in.

A person pointing to autofocus mode on a Nikon DSLR

Autofocus is a sensible choice that may permit you to focus a lot quicker. It is possible for you to to concentrate to different issues like composition and publicity.

You’ll be able to change between guide and autofocus both by way of the lens or via the digital camera itself. Relying in your digital camera mannequin, you’ll have a devoted button or can entry this via the menu.

A close up of autofocus mode on a Nikon DSLR

What Is AF All About?

If you set the main target, you organize the glass elements in your lens in order that particular mild beams meet on the sensor. Beams that attain the lens from totally different distances require totally different preparations.

In different phrases, focus is a matter of distance of the objects from the lens. In autofocus mode you choose pre-determined “focus points”. The variety of these factors is dependent upon your digital camera you have got.

You possibly can see them by means of the viewfinder. Your digital camera will concentrate on the world that’s in entrance of the main target level you chose.

Camera Focus point display

Focus level show. Photograph credit score: Nikon (

How to Choose the Greatest Focus Space for Your Topic

Digital nowadays have very superior autofocus modes. They provide extra choices than simply choosing one focus level.

A 4 photo grid showing how to change autofocus modes on a DSLR

  • Single-Level AF-Space Mode (Guide AF-Level in Canon). The digital camera will solely use the main target level you’ve chosen.
  • Dynamic AF-Space Mode (AF Level Enlargement in Canon). You additionally choose one focus level. However on this mode, in case your topic strikes just a little, the digital camera will use the encompassing focus factors to focus. You want to monitor the topic together with your digital camera. This manner, you possibly can ensure that it stays shut to the primary chosen focus level. If not, your digital camera gained’t give you the option to refocus.
  • 3D Monitoring. You choose the primary focus level and your digital camera, utilizing an algorithm, tracks your topic whereas shifting. There’s a danger that your digital camera will ‘jump’ to one other topic and ‘decides’ to concentrate on it as an alternative.
  • Auto- space AF. This mode is totally automated. The digital camera decides for you what focus factors are going to be used. It chooses the topic within the photograph in accordance to distinction variations. I don’t use this mode typically. I like to maintain some management over what to concentrate on.

Use Single-Servo AF (Nikon, AF-S) or One-Shot AF (Canon) for Static Topics

Most cameras have totally different autofocus modes to show you how to focus in several conditions. You’ll be able to choose one both via the settings menu or with a button devoted to it.

The most typical autofocus modes choices are : AF-S (single level), AF-C (Steady) or AF-A (automated).

The essential choice is the AF-S. With it chosen, you focus utilizing one focus level. The digital camera will permit you to select the main target level (in all probability utilizing some arrow buttons or a dial).

This autofocus mode has the benefit that it permits you to block the main target once you half-press the shutter launch. That is useful whenever you need to reframe the picture with out dropping the main target level.

AF-S mode is beneficial when the topic of your photograph isn’t shifting (panorama, nonetheless images) or it strikes just a bit (static portraits).

A female model posing on the beach shot using af mode

Use Steady Servo AF (Nikon, AF-C) or AI Servo (Canon) With Shifting Objects

One other focus choice is Continous (AF-C). That is particularly helpful when the topic of your photograph strikes round. Assume sport occasions, automobiles, animals, or youngsters.

The digital camera doesn’t lock the main target level if you half-press the shutter launch. As an alternative, it tracks your topic and refocuses accordingly.

Keep in mind that when you choose this autofocus choice, you’ll be able to’t lock the main target. This implies that you would be able to’t reframe.

A girl in sports clothes jumping energetically on the beach shot using af mode

What About Autofocus Automated (Nikon, AF-A) or AI Focus AF (Canon)?

There’s a third choice: the Autofocus Automated. Your digital camera will choose Single or Steady AF if it detects the topic as stationary or shifting respectively.

This may look like a terrific choice, however it leads to confusion. The digital camera switches between the 2 autofocus modes.

This makes it exhausting to know if half-pressing the shutter launch will lock the main target or monitor the topic.

How to Mix Autofocus Modes With Focus Areas for Higher Photographs

Now it’s time to put the Autofocus mode and autofocus space collectively.

Single Level Space + AF-S Mode

Good for stationary topics reminiscent of landscapes and nonetheless images. I additionally use it in portraits the place the mannequin just isn’t shifting quick.

You select one focus level and the digital camera gained’t refocus.

A colorful city street view - understand autofocus mode
Single Level Space+ AF-C Mode

Preferrred for when your topic is shifting, like animals, youngsters, sports activities, and so forth. Additionally useful in nature images for windy days.

You choose one focus level and your digital camera will refocus if wanted if the topic strikes.

It should refocus solely on the chosen focus level, so that you want to monitor the topic.

A close up of plants outdoors - what is autofocus mode

Dynamic Space + AF-C Mode

Helpful when the topic is shifting in an unpredictable means. Choose one focus level and the digital camera will use additionally the encompassing ones if the topic strikes.

You could be questioning why you shouldn’t use this on a regular basis. Because the digital camera can monitor the motion and refocus accordingly (choosing Steady mode and a 3D Monitoring/Dynamic space).

Why hassle switching to one single focus level?

In case your topic shouldn’t be remoted within the body, your digital camera can get confused. It’d find yourself monitoring one other topic you aren’t involved in.

For that purpose, the one single focus continues to be extra exact than the dynamic space/3D monitoring. In case your topic shouldn’t be shifting, you have got higher possibilities for a sharper picture.

Which Mixtures Not to Use

Dynamic Space + AF-S Mode

Though your digital camera may let you choose this mix, these 2 choices are incompatible. On one aspect you’re telling the digital camera to use an space of utilizing a number of focus factors to refocus if wanted (dynamic space). However you aren’t permitting it to refocus (AF-S mode has not this feature).

The dynamic space will get disabled and it’ll works as a Single-Level.

If you choose this feature as a result of your topic is shifting you’ll be able to miss the shot. Your digital camera is working as if it have been in Single Level Space+AF-S Mode (the one for static topics).

3D Space + AF-S Mode

Similar as with the earlier, the digital camera gained’t refocus. The 3D Space will get disabled and also you’ll be taking photographs like in Single Level Space+AF-S Mode.

How to Autofocus in Reside View

Autofocus mode work barely in another way once you’re utilizing Stay View. On this case, you possibly can choose any level on the display to concentrate on and never simply the predefined focus factors.

Stay view autofocus mode works by detecting distinction within the scene whereas the viewfinder autofocus know-how is predicated on part shift sensors. Reside view focusing is slower. However it’s also extra correct for static topics.

I like to recommend utilizing it with AF-S mode. When chosen, you will notice a purple sq. you’ll be able to transfer across the display utilizing the arrow bottoms.

When it’s in focus it can seem inexperienced after which it’s time to shoot!

Close up of adjusting autofocus modes on a camera while focusing on a plastic figure of a skeleton

How to Use Autofocus Modes in Low Mild Conditions

In low mild conditions, your autofocus may go a bit loopy. Your lens will go right into a loop on the lookout for focus with out success.

In these instances the AF-Help built-in mild could be actually helpful. Flip it on by means of your menu. When activated, your digital camera will ship out an orange-red mild that may level to your topic. This can make it easier to focus.

However it’s not an ideal answer. It selects the AF-S Mode and focuses utilizing the central focus level. It has a restricted vary too, so that you want to be comparatively shut to your topic (zero.5-3m).

An alternate you can use is to briefly illuminate the purpose you need to give attention to utilizing a flashlight or another mild supply.

A wedding photo in low light shot using autofocus modes


Getting accustomed to the autofocus modes that your digital camera presents will permit you to take sharper pictures.

Choose an autofocus space in accordance to how your topic behaves. Whether it is static, use a single focus level and mix it with the Single-Servo Mode (to lock the main target if you half-press the shutter launch) or the Steady mode (to permit the digital camera to refocus on that time if the themes strikes barely).

In case your topic is shifting, it could be higher to monitor its motion. To take action, attempt both the dynamic space or the 3D monitoring along with the Steady Autofocus Mode.

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