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Easter Eggs and References in “The Midnight Club”


Tonight’s episode of Riverdale was the much-anticipated “flashback episode, “The Midnight Membership.” That includes the forged of Riverdale enjoying youthful variations of their onscreen mother and father, the episode revealed that the weird and violent deaths plaguing Riverdale Excessive are an obvious continuation of one thing that Alice Cooper witnessed when she was in highschool.

Primarily an homage to The Breakfast Membership, “The Midnight Club” uncovers a number of the secrets and techniques that the prior era of Riverdale residents have been hiding for years…

…and this is a few of the stuff we observed.

Slide 1 of 12Let’s Speak About Anthony Michael Corridoranthony-michael-hall-breakfast-club(Photograph: Common Footage)

So let’s speak about Anthony Michael Corridor, a staple of John Hughes films and the one individual showing in this episode of Riverdale who additionally starred in The Breakfast Membership.

(Why this could not have been Mary Andrews’s flashback is anyone’s guess. That is the best way we might have gone.)

Corridor performs Principal Featherhead right here, which in fact makes him the homicide sufferer. He’s, like The Breakfast Membership’s Dick Vernon, type of an uncompromising hardass, and there’s an implication that he’s sort of lazy and overestimates his personal talents.

His introductory speech, together with the task of the essays and issues like “you will not talk — you will not move,” is nearly verbatim what Vernon advised the teenagers firstly of The Breakfast Membership.

There isn’t a janitor for him to play off of, and not sufficient time to actually give Featherhead an arc, so that’s principally the place the similarities between his character and that of Paul Gleason’s in the film finish.

In The Breakfast Membership, the film begins with every of the youngsters arriving at detention, and Brian Johnson (Corridor’s character) is pushed in by his mom, together with his annoying little sister in the automotive. These two are performed by Corridor’s real-life mom and sister — which would appear irrelevant to Riverdale, besides that Mark Consuelos’s real-life son was referred to as in to play Hiram Lodge in the flashbacks.

The opposite mother and father are all performed by their very own on-screen youngsters, however since Hiram doesn’t have a son, it was essential to introduce another person to play Hiram, and Consuelos’s son does definitely look the half.

Slide 2 of 12The timeline

Whereas The Breakfast Membership is a staple of ’80s cinema, that timeline would have messed with plenty of stuff for Riverdale.

Since Alice was pregnant with Betty’s brother in this flashback, it limits how previous something could be. They don’t lay down a selected timeframe, however let’s contemplate some clues:

Alice jokes in her voiceover that “Everything smelled like Teen Spirit,” a reference to the Nirvana track “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” That music was launched in 1991.

In one of many opening scenes, Sierra McCoy is writing “End Apartheid” on the toilet mirror in lipstick. Apartheid ended in early 1994.

Given these two context clues and the ’80s-heavy soundtrack of the episode, it appears probably that the episode is meant to happen someday between 1991 and 1994. That permits them to maintain the ’80s aesthetic the place applicable.

Fortunately for the present, Riverdale has a “timeless” aesthetic that doesn’t floor a lot of its world in the modern. Which means units just like the Blue & Gold, the school rooms, and Pop’s didn’t need to be radically re-dressed for the flashback.

Slide three of 12The Breakfast Membership

We’ll begin with Anthony Michael Corridor, simply because we have now already talked about his presence. Nevertheless it’s there. Subsequent?

I see what you probably did there, #Riverdale! pic.twitter.com/RIUuKR70pP

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…Oh, yeah.

  •  FP and Fred received in hassle for streaking, which is new, however the truth that the scene began in the Bulldogs locker room is value a point out. To start with, Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez) obtained his Saturday detention in The Breakfast Membership for taping a very bushy classmate’s buttcheeks along with athletic tape. So there’s that. Additionally value noting, the Shermer Excessive Faculty staff mascot can also be the Bulldogs, so whereas that will not be an specific reference right here in “The Midnight Club,” it’s a similarity between the 2 that runs by way of the lifetime of the collection.
  • Alice Smith’s glove, worn in the course of the first Saturday detention, looks like a callback to the fingerless glove worn by John Bender (Judd Nelson) in The Breakfast Membership.
  • In the course of the scene the place they’re all in a circle making confessions, FP tells the group that his “old man” beats him. This can be a callback to John Bender’s speech about “Christmas as the Bender Household” in The Breakfast Membership, in which he recounts his abusive father and refers to him as “the old man.” This scene gave us the basic line “sounds like your old man and my old man should get together and go bowling.”
  • Like each episode of Riverdale, this episode took its identify from one thing else in common tradition, though in this case…simply barely. There are a number of novels and a online game franchise that go by “The Midnight Club,” nevertheless it looks like a flimsy pretense to make use of “The Breakfast Club” with out truly utilizing it. Which is ok.
Slide four of 12The Breakfast Membership…Perhaps?anthony michael hall breakfast club(Photograph: Fb/CNN Leisure)

There are some moments in the episode that really feel like they’re in all probability meant as a reference to The Breakfast Membership, however we will not be fairly positive.

To begin with, Penelope’s braces. Clearly, neither Cheryl nor actress Madelaine Petsch have braces, however Penelope does. The truth that she is the de facto “nerd” of the group, in that Riverdale isn’t as snug as The Breakfast Membership in making enjoyable of nerds and she is the well-behaved one who sucks as much as authority, one might guess that she was given the braces as a nod to Corridor’s character from the film.

In a Rolling Stone function wanting again on the movie’s 20th anniversary in 2005, author/director John Hughes recalled that he needed Corridor to play the nerd in this film, like Corridor had executed in Hughes’s earlier film, Sixteen Candles. Nevertheless, in the time since Sixteen Candles, Corridor had gotten his braces eliminated, and Hughes made him put them again on throughout filming The Breakfast Membership.

The location of Alice and Fred’s heart-to-heart (and then intercourse) in the Blue & Gold workplace is framed in such a approach that it resembles the heart-to-heart between Richard Vernon and janitor Carl (John Kapelos) in The Breakfast Membership.

The road that the Midnight Membership “didn’t so much as smile” once they handed one another in the halls feels prefer it is perhaps a subversion of The Breakfast Membership. About midway by way of the movie, widespread woman Claire (Molly Ringwald) admits that if one of many unpopular youngsters she had befriended throughout Saturday detention approached her in the hallways whereas she was together with her in style associates, she would fake she did not know them in order to not lose social standing. This led to a very disagreeable change the place Claire was pressured to look at her privilege.

When all the characters are in costume for the sport, FP Jones wears a crown (in fact) and a heavy fur overcoat/cape that feels Viking-inspired. It’s attainable (although unlikely) that this might be a nod to a dream sequence reduce from The Breakfast Membership, in which Allison imagines the scholars as numerous characters, with soccer star Andrew as a Viking.

Slide 5 of 12Model Confusion

Oh, Riverdale. The place would we be with out your deliciously apparent pretend model names?

From the present that introduced you the American Extra card comes…

Fibes journal, who apparently have named Veronica to their scorching 20 underneath 20. That is proper, people. Not Forbes. Fibes. Soak that one in.

This episode additionally launched us to the Recreation Lad, a ’90s moveable online game console that the youngsters discovered confiscated in Mrs. Crabapple’s drawer. To not be confused, certainly, with Nintendo’s wildly in style Recreation Boy, which debuted in 1989.

Slide 6 of 12Continuity nods

There are loads of little winks and nods to Riverdale continuity in this episode, and we could not probably catch all of them. 

That stated, some issues value mentioning: 

  • Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller are courting. Once we see them say their tearful goodbye on the finish, it seems that he’s going off to hitch the army. Provided that his spouse is a profession army lady, it’s possible that they didn’t get again collectively when he returned to Riverdale as a result of he met his spouse whereas deployed.
  • Fred Andrews constructed his life round staying in Riverdale to care for his ailing father — one thing Archie did final season after Fred was shot.
  •  The Fredheads, Fred Andrews’s band, makes an look in this episode.
  • FP Jones sporting his G&G cosplay crown seems extra just like the Jughead crown from the comics than Jughead’s beanie does.
  • To begin with, Hiram is a drug vendor. Second, Fizzle Rocks are principally narcotic Pop Rocks, versus Jingle Jangle being Pixie sticks. Nicely performed, Riverdale. One may even say…candy.
Slide 7 of 12TWINCEST IS CANONriverdale-blossom-twins

So…yeah. Keep in mind how the entire first season, individuals stored considering that Cheryl and Jason have been one way or the other romantically concerned?

They weren’t, as established a number of occasions since, nevertheless it appears as if the Blossom Household may need tried to make them create an ideal red-haired inheritor anyway? It is exhausting to say, however it’s definitely said right here that Penelope just isn’t initially a Blossom; she was adopted, and then pressured right into a quasi-incestuous relationship together with her adoptive brother Clifford.

Enjoyable reality: Claudius is nowhere to be seen. Simply saying.

Slide eight of 12FP’s Forgedfp-cast

Why was FP’s arm in a forged? It appears probably it was only a nod to the season one finale, in which soccer star Archie was strolling round with a forged after having damaged his hand on ice making an attempt to punch by way of the frozen river to save lots of Cheryl.

Both method, it has a pleasant little reference to It on it, with somebody having written “loser” on his forged and another person altering it to “lover.”

Stephen King, in fact, has a historical past with Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who wrote The Stand for Marvel Comics earlier than shifting to Archie.

Slide 9 of 12Issues That Run in the Household

It’s exhausting to not discover that KJ Apa’s up-and-over pompadour of hair is harking back to how Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) used to put on his hair on Beverly Hills 90210.

Apparently sooner or later, Betty discovered easy methods to extract info from coroners, like her mother did in the primary season.

In the identical approach that Archie has appeared destined to grow to be Fred at occasions, we see that Penelope and Hermione have principally turn out to be their moms through the years. 

Slide 10 of 12Pop Tradition References

At one level, Penelope straight-up quotes (and then name-drops) Heathers.

Provided that Archie Comics does not have a Mrs. Crabapple that we all know of, we’ve to wonder if that may be a reference to Edna Krabappel from The Simpsons.

The soundtrack to the episode is filled with songs which were used in loads of films that have been designed to evoke the sensation of the ’80s, together with:

Alphaville’s “Forever Young,” which most notably appeared on soundtracks for, amongst different issues, The OC, One Tree Hill, and Napoleon Dynamite; Take On Me (Household Man, Prepared Participant One); “True” from Spandau Ballet (Spaced); and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (Grosse Pointe Clean).

Slide 11 of 12True To Life

Whereas there seems to be some type of unusual cause that the sport makes individuals crazed, Sierra’s hysterical factor about the way it turns regular individuals into monsters, and so forth. and so forth., feels very very similar to the type of wild paranoia that occurred with sure mother and father’ teams when Dungeons and Dragons first gained reputation.

Slide 12 of 12There Are No Phrases

Actually, Riverdale? You are gonna do poor Trevor Stines like that?

Stines, who performed homicide sufferer Jason Blossom, has proven up on digital camera dozens of occasions throughout Riverdale’s run, however has not but had a chance to talk a line of dialogue.

Lastly we get to see him return to play Clifford Blossom — however they nonetheless do not let him say anyhing.

Come on, guys! He is not lifeless this time! There was no purpose he couldn’t merely reciprocate what Penelope stated to him!