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Connecting The Clues of ‘Death Stranding’

Connecting The Clues of 'Death Stranding'

Hideo Kojima’s Dying Stranding is one of probably the most closely anticipated video video games of our time. The trailers, depicting a chilly science fiction environment, have captivated players all over the world. Kojima has but to open up a lot to particular narrative particulars, however the trailers do present hints relating to the sport’s themes. Having been a Kojima fan for a few years, I’ve spent an amazing deal of time piecing collectively clues in these cinematics to know Dying Stranding higher.

What I’ve achieved right here is compiled my notes to current what I consider are Dying Stranding‘s main themes, in addition to what they might imply for the sport as an entire. Please be mindful these notes, whereas based mostly on imagery and phrases discovered by way of recreation footage (together with interviews with Kojima), are all hypothesis. These notes are supposed to be extra of a enjoyable evaluation of my understanding of Dying Stranding.

So with out additional ado, let’s dive proper in.

The Hyperlink Between Life & Dying


Kojima has shared that one of the large concepts in Dying Stranding is the connection between life and demise.

The recreation’s title factors to this connection, with visible clues within the first trailer. In trailer one, the digital camera pans over lifeless aquatic life. We see crabs and whales beached onto a shore. The recreation’s identify, “Death Stranding,” is a reference to “cetacean stranding;” that is an act widespread amongst whales and dolphins the place they purposely seashore themselves. There isn’t any official trigger for why the creatures do that. Some scientists consider it could possibly be environmental causes, whereas some consider it’s an act of “social cohesion” (relating to when quite a few animals seashore themselves); within the case of toothed whales, its misery name might appeal to the remaining of its pod, with stated pod additionally beaching themselves, so the lone whale doesn’t endure alone. It’s with this in thoughts that “Death Stranding” takes on a twin which means; it each references this beaching phenomenon and speaks to Kojima’s general idea of connectivity.

Chatting with the themes in Kojima’s work, recreation journalist Geoff Keighley mentions in a single interview that, Kojima’s video games (together with Dying Stranding), are deep relating to time, area, and household; I really feel Keighley’s feedback are extra concerning the concepts inside Dying Stranding. In trailer 4, we see a photograph of a household; household is a serious element in human connectivity, and provides us one other level to think about when Kojima speaks to Dying Stranding’s emphasis on bonds.

What’s additionally simply as fascinating, are the hints pointing to the web interplay that might be half of Demise Stranding. It’s attainable for the sport to have some type of on-line group interplay, seeing how P.T. utilized it so nicely. By way of P.T., Kojima was capable of see players come collectively and work in the direction of determining narrative puzzles. Given this intriguing degree of meta gameplay, it is going to be fascinating to see how Kojima intends on connecting gamers to at least one one other (in what seems to be a predominantly single participant expertise).

Kojima has introduced up the affect of a brief story written by Kōbō Abe as nicely. In his story, The Man Who Become a Stick, it’s said that humankind’s instruments are the stick and the rope; the previous is supposed to push away threats, whereas the latter is used to convey what’s necessary to somebody nearer. This story alludes to how gamers will have the ability to work together inside the recreation’s world, whether or not they determine to interact in aggression or one other means.  However how will these ideas of connectivity work into Demise Stranding? With the discharge of the fourth trailer, one factor has been made clear relating to the sport mechanics and different vital themes at work – that being the ideas of area and time.

Among the many different particulars confirmed in Dying Stranding is its dying mechanic; upon dying, Sam (the sport’s protagonist), will reappear in an underwater world, working himself again into the world of the dwelling. When he does return to the dwelling world, any modifications he has made will nonetheless exist. We see this happen for the primary time in trailer three after Sam encounters an enormous alien being. Kojima has additionally confirmed that upon dying, gamers could have the prospect to roam outdoors their our bodies and discover this underwater area. Nicely earlier than this was confirmed, nevertheless, followers found that the canine tags Sam has been seen sporting include equations associated to quantum physics.

Quantum Physics/Time & Area


Quantum physics, of course, speaks to many ideas relating to time and area; in fashionable fiction, the dialog tends to revolve round alternate realities (e.g., Donnie Darko). In terms of speaking about demise, some scientific conversations say that our minds might enter one other state of consciousness or actuality; with Sam being transported again into the world upon dying, that sequence feels like it’s referencing this ideology.

In trailer 4, there’s a line of dialogue that speaks to the dying mechanic. Off-screen, a voice tells Sam that if he’s eaten by one of the creatures, he’ll come again, however that the crater will nonetheless be there. I assume that this individual is chatting with the crater we’ve seen from trailer three.

Up to now we do know of a pair of essential particulars relating to how time will influence the sport. There’s the “Timefall,” a rain that’s proven to hurry up the expansion and demise of no matter it touches. There’s additionally how time might impression what gadgets we will use within the recreation. Within the second trailer the place Mads Mikkelsen makes his look, he’s the one one with “modern day” weaponry; the remaining of his staff is dealing with older rifles. Relying on how time is manipulated, this might imply permitting gamers entry to a spread of weapons throughout totally different eras.

Then there’s that of the sport’s otherworldly creatures. Given what we’ve been capable of see within the cinematics, it’s truthful to take a position that they don’t seem to be pure to Sam’s world. For one, they can’t be detected by regular means (with people having to make use of a radar system and the infant). There’s additionally the means by which Sam interacts with these creatures; when you pay attention intently too what Léa Seydoux’s character says in trailer 4, she factors out that Sam has “chiral allergies.” At one other level, a voice off display mentions “chiralium density” to Sam.

Chirality is a property of asymmetry necessary in a number of branches of science. If an object occurs to be chiral, it signifies that it’s distinguishable from its mirror picture, and it can’t be superposed onto it. Relating to the remark made of Sam’s “chiral allergies,” it might seem that he’s not solely allergic to the contact of these creatures, however he could also be allergic as a result of of the chirality of their type. What this makes me assume is that he has a response to the touch, which performs into the sport’s theme of connecting with individuals. It isn’t confirmed but if this allergic response occurs when interacting with people.

Trailer 4 comes with a pair of taglines that talk to the idea of connectivity. One widespread topic in science is that there are infinite universes, all the place there’s a totally different model of you; might Kojima be teasing a cosmic connection? With the demise mechanic that brings Sam again into the sport, how will that problem our perceptions of life?

Connecting The Strands

There are tons of thematic and narrative factors which might be nonetheless unknown and would take us hours, if not days, to comb by means of.

What can we piece collectively then from these concepts? When taking a look at these themes of life and demise, quantum physics, and the topic of connectivity, I consider that Demise Stranding goes to be a mirrored image of humankind’s distance in the direction of each other, in addition to the necessity to make intimate connections.

In contrast to quite a bit of different theorists on the market, I’m not somebody who has ever thought Dying Stranding is secretly a Metallic Gear recreation or has something to do with the collection; however I’ll say this concerning the tie that exists between Metallic Gear and Demise Stranding: their creator.

For those who’ve performed sufficient Metallic Gear video games, you’ll know Kojima has made efforts all through his work to talk to the horrors of conflict. Authorities conspiracies, technological anxieties, and the lingering aftermath of violence are all themes yow will discover all through the Metallic Gear video games. It seems like Demise Stranding is about in an alternate actuality of our world; we all know that the corporate Sam works for, Bridges, is a component of the United Cities of America (slightly than states). Maybe the creatures, together with the crater in trailer three, are an allegory for humankind’s violence in a world the place conflicts proceed to come up.

From what we’ve seen up to now, the world of Demise Stranding is bleak. The world is desolate, full of these otherworldly creatures the place it’s higher to kill your self relatively than be captured (as seen in trailer three). There’s a army element at work within the story, given the inclusion of the troopers and tanks from trailer two. Referring again to the cetacean stranding idea, there’s additionally a component of Dying Stranding that touches upon environmental points; a lot of the imagery seen includes an oily substance, in addition to rain that may alter time and dying animals.

Kojima’s video games have all the time contained worldly themes in them; from these cinematics alone and the hints handed our approach, it wouldn’t be a shocker if Kojima is aiming to convey a narrative about humanity’s ever-growing distance and violence in the direction of each other. Perhaps Dying Stranding isn’t just about trying to attach us as gamers, however studying tips on how to join as people.

If this concept have been to be the case, it makes me contemplate the significance of the child. Individuals consider that youngsters take a look at the world in hope; that as a result of they’re so younger, they don’t seem to be tainted by the horrors of life. The child in Demise Stranding has a serious narrative significance of course, however what if it’s additionally a car to convey how we should always take a look at the world? How we will discover alternative in taking the time to attach and add extra positivity to the world. What if the child can see these creatures (allegories for humankind’s violence) as a result of its view of life continues to be optimistic?

Once more, all my ideas are pure hypothesis based mostly off the trailers and a few of Kojima’s interviews from the previous few years. Maybe you discovered an idea in right here that was additionally in your thoughts, or perhaps you found an concept you hadn’t thought-about earlier than. One factor is for positive – Demise Stranding is one of probably the most talked about works in current gaming historical past; no matter it has in retailer for us is certain to offer a fascinating, existential expertise.

What are your ideas on Dying Stranding’s themes?

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