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Complete Guide to Photography Slang

A candid black and white photo of workers in a fast food restaurant - photography slang

Photography slang or lingo is in all places. Some photographers love utilizing it, complicating issues whereas making them sound just like the ‘bee’s knees’.

Photography isn’t difficult in its strategy, but you could come throughout these images phrases and acronyms whereas researching.

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A candid black and white photo of workers in a fast food restaurant - photography slang

Photography Slang From A to Z

Aliasing: Pixels which have a sq. form that smooths out the sample.

Artifact: A component that reduces the standard of the picture. When pictures are closely compressed or distorted via manipulations or undesirable mild, corresponding to lens flare.

Bigma: The Sigma 50-500 mm lens has been nicknamed Bigma due to its measurement.

Blown Out: A picture is blown out when the white or highlit areas present no element.

Bokeh: Japanese for ‘Out-of-Focus’. These are lights or environment that present up as out of focus circles.

Bracketing: Bracketing includes capturing a scene with three totally different publicity values to make sure the publicity is right. That is extra generally utilized by movie photographers, involving -1 cease, +1 cease and zero when utilizing the Publicity Worth scale.

Cam-Jam: A Cam-Jam is somebody who doesn’t know something about images, however manages to create nice pictures.

Candid: Photographing somebody who doesn’t know you’re photographing them.

A candid style black and white portrait of a couple - photography lingo

Chimping: Chimping is consistently reviewing your photographs as an alternative of photographing the scene.

Digital Lasagna: A time period used for individuals who use many Photoshop layers with out naming them.

Mud Bunny: Mud bunnies are these mud factors on the digital camera’s sensor that seem in the identical place in each picture.

Quick/Sluggish: This time period relates to the aperture vary of your lens. A large aperture is quick, akin to f/1.four.

Fill-in: A light-weight that helps to help the primary mild.

Flag: A flag stops mild from hitting your topic. Often present in a studio or outside shoot when fashions and style are the main target.

Flare: Lens flare occurs when direct solar bounces across the glass parts of your lens.

Body: This has a number of meanings, however principally, something your digital camera can seize is a body. You can too ‘fill the frame’, which refers to the composition of your scene.

A black and white photo of a girl looking out a window - photography lingo

Fringing: The purple glow that gathers round topics or objects with excessive distinction.

Giffing: A photographer who goals to flip their pictures into gifs.

Glass: Glass is slang for lenses.

Gobo: Blocking scattered or pointless mild falling onto your topic or object. They will change the sunshine right into a sure sample.

Grad: An optical filter that goes from mild to more and more darkish areas.

Grafikking: The artwork of utilizing layer upon layer of Photoshop filters on one picture.

Grip and Grin: Shortly taken picture of individuals.

Grip and Rip: Capturing many photographs with no objective in thoughts.

A portrait of a female street photographer - photographer lingo

Gump: Identical to Forest Gump, a photographer who’s nice at many various fields of images, corresponding to panorama and portrait images.

Halos: The place retouched photographs are apparent, displaying a circle of sunshine across the topic.

Lossy Vs. Lossless: A lossless file format, akin to Uncooked, doesn’t lose its picture high quality. Jpg can be lossy.

Machine Gunner: Takes a whole lot of photographs of the identical topic in the identical pose, however just one might be used.

Magic/Golden Hour: The Golden Hour is the hour simply earlier than sundown or simply after dawn. The solar is at its lowest, so it offers a mushy, even but golden shade temperature to your scene.

Marching Ants: When you choose an merchandise in Photoshop, you get an animated dotted line that appears like ants marching.

Moiré: Distracting parts of sure patterns in objects. This is usually a constructing or go well with the place the sample exhibits strains that the sensor has problem separating.

Muddy: A picture that doesn’t have shiny colours, however makes use of tones which might be all very comparable.

Atmospheric porttrait of a female model sitting by a lake and mountainous landscape - photography slang

Nifty Fifty: This refers to a quick but low cost 50mm lens.

NoFilter: A quite common hashtag that tells the viewer that the picture hasn’t been manipulated.

Noise: That is grain prompted through the use of a excessive ISO. With movie images, grain or noise is brought on by greater silver halides.

Noisy: A picture is noisy when it has a variety of noise.

Photobomb: Leaping behind somebody taking a selfie or showing behind the individual being photographed.

Pixel Peeper/Peeping: Somebody who zooms into their picture absolutely to take a look at the pixel high quality.

Prime: A primary lens is a fixed-focal-length lens, such because the Canon 85mm f/1.four lens.

Uncooked: This file format captures all attainable info from a scene. A jpg is usually 5 occasions smaller than a Uncooked file, the place picture knowledge is misplaced by way of compression. Uncooked codecs have totally different file extensions, resembling (Canon) .cr2 and (Nikon) .nef.

A cityscape in low light - photographer slang

Scheimpflug Precept: Slang used for giant format images the place the lens and picture aircraft usually are not on the identical axis.

Scrim: This show stops and softens the sunshine, typically utilized in a photographic studio. Additionally referred to as a flag.

Selfie: Taking a photograph of 1’s self.

Sharp: The other of sentimental in images. Your photographs are sharp with a pointy lens. That is whenever you get the main target completely.

Shoot and Burn: A photographer that shoots the photographs and burns them onto a CD/DVD. Shoppers get ALL photographs, good or dangerous.

Shutter Nutter: Photographers who’ve loopy, over-the-top tasks.

Shutter-bug: A newbie photographer with a ardour.

Gentle: A mushy lens won’t produce sharp photographs, as it’s barely out of focus.

A blurry nighttime cityscape

Spray and Pray: A photographer who takes a number of pictures with out wanting. Take into consideration Rambo with a digital camera.

Cease: 1 cease modifications the aperture, shutter velocity or ISO by both doubling the sunshine or halving it.

Tog/Photog: Brief for a photographer. A Road Tog is a road photographer.

Touching up: To post-process a picture, specifically whitening the pores and skin of a portrait picture.

Uncle Bob: The relative at a marriage that will get in the best way, with their very own digital camera.

Xpro: Photography slang for ‘cross processing’. That is once you take a C-41 roll of movie and course of it with E-6 chemical compounds’.

A macro photo of a butterfly on an orange flower - photography slang


ACR: Adobe Digital camera Uncooked. That is the Uncooked converter for Adobe packages, comparable to Photoshop.

AF: Auto Focus. This lets your digital camera focus routinely.

ASS: Unintentional Selfie Syndrome. This occurs when somebody holds the digital camera the improper approach when capturing a scene.

ATGNI: All The Gear, No Concept. An individual who has all of the digital camera gear mandatory, however no clue on how to use it.

B&W: Black and White. It lacks color and focuses on distinction and texture.

BIF: Birds In Flight. This can be a time period for the autofocus capacity of a digital camera. Whether it is BIF, it should monitor and focus a chook whereas it’s flying.

C&C: Feedback and Critiques. This lets individuals know the photographer would really like to hear suggestions.

CC: Artistic Commons. A artistic commons picture permits different individuals to edit and use however beneath a license.

A creative shot of a child on top of a ladder against a blue sky

CCD: Charged-Coupled Gadget. This can be a totally different sort of sensors, primarily utilized by Leica or Astrophotography cameras.

CMOS: Complementary Metallic-Oxide Semiconductor. Most DSLRs and different digital cameras make the most of such a sensor.

DNG: Digital Unfavorable. That is an open-source Uncooked file format.

DOF: Depth Of Subject. That is the vary of focus in your picture. A better aperture provides you a wider vary of focus.

DSLR: Digital Single Lens Reflex. This can be a digital SLR, resembling Canon 5D Mark IV.

ETF: Straightforward on The Filter. Somebody who makes use of very heavy filters to increase the standard of their images.

FF: Full Body. A full body sensor seize photographs on the designated area of view as set by the lens.

HDR: Excessive Dynamic Vary. This type of capturing includes combining a number of exposures to obtain a larger dynamic vary.

A luscious green landscape at sunset - photography slang

IQ: Picture High quality.

JPEG/JPG: A standard file format for image photographs. Stands for Joint Photographic Specialists Group.

LR: Lightroom. One other picture modifying software program program from Adobe.

MDL: Mutton-Dressed as Lamb. Photographers who over course of their pictures utilizing HDR.

OCF: Off Digital camera Flash. This could possibly be a Canon Speedlite, for instance.

OOF: Out Of Focus. Any shot that doesn’t have a ‘sharp’ focus.

P&S: Level and Shoot. This digital camera is often automated with a hard and fast lens, and prepared to go at a moments discover.

PM: Photograph Mechanic. A front-end image-ingesting, tagging and searching software program.

A screenshot of a photo editing screen - photography slang

PP: Publish-Processing. Any work you do to a picture after it has been captured. This consists of cropping, native changes, and so on.

PS: Photoshop. One of the common and essential picture modifying software program by Adobe.

PSE: Photoshop Parts. That is an modifying software program by Adobe.

PX: Brief for Pixel. An Eight-megapixel sensor offers you a picture that measures 3266 x 2450 pixels.

RTFM: Learn the Fakking Guide. Somebody who asks the identical primary questions time and again.

SIF: Secret Web Fatty. Somebody who could be very apt at hiding or scaling again someone’s’ fats on a picture.

SLR: Single Lens Reflex. The digital camera works by alternating the view and scene seize by use of a mirror.

SOOC: Straight Out Of Digital camera. The picture is because it was immediately after being captured. No filters and no Photoshop.

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